natomas fa Competitive academy | u9-u18/19

Our Academy Program is focused on the development of the whole player (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological) while simultaneously developing a passion for the game in a fun environment.

Natomas FA utilizes educated and trained coaches to implement a soccer (fútbol) curriculum. We spend our efforts educating and recruiting excellent coaches to teach a love of the game based on USSF guidelines.

Birth Years: 2011-2001

Registration: FREE

Club Fees: $500

Uniform: $155 (includes Home & Away Jerseys, Home & Away Shorts, Home & Away Socks, 2 Practice Shirts)

  • Returning players may use the uniform kit they purchased for the 2018/2019 season.

  • NEW players will be required to purchase a uniform kit from Admiral.

Team Fees: Team fees are determined by the coach and will be in addition to the club fees and uniform cost. Each individual coach will advertise their team fees during tryouts. Team fees will cover any tournaments, training sessions outside of NFA, personal trainers, and extra team activities. These fees shall be divided amongst the players on the team. There is no set team fee for this as each team participates in different tournaments and activities.

Training: U9-U19 Academy teams are expected to train 7-10 months a year and a minimum of 2 days per week during the season.

Tournaments: Teams typically participate in 2 or 3 tournaments during the year. The tournaments are selected by the coach to suit the needs of the team.

League Play: Teams enter into the NorCal League, typically 20-25 matches. Fall and Spring leagues are included in the club fees. NorCal State Cup games are also included. There is a possibility to have both Saturday and Sunday games.

Additional Benefits:

  • FREE Technical training provided on Fridays

  • FREE Goal Keeper training provided 3 times per week

Players are required to tryout again each year for the next Fall Season in May.