Weather Policies & Procedures 

Fútbol (soccer) is played in all types of weather professionally. As we are an amateur club we try to consider that fútbol is played in all weather and all conditions but also be concerned for the safety of our young athletes. Match playability is always determined by the official (never by the club, admin, coach, player or parent). However, training and matches for individuals with specific needs CAN be determined by individual parents/guardians. As a club here are our guidelines we will utilize and make sure our members, coaches and staff are aware of: 

● All weather is good weather for fútbol 

● Officials determine field, weather, and playability on match day 

● Coaches determine field, weather and playability on training days 

● The Club ́s position is that visible lightning or nearby lightning detected with phone applications is a reason to obtain shelter and abandon training for the safety of the children 

● The Club ́s position is that temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit are unsuitable to train in. This is the current temperature only as training can happen both BEFORE and AFTER hours where temperatures are 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more but not DURING those hours specifically. 

● The Club’s position is that Air Quality Index (AQI) of greater than 150 is unsuitable to train in. This is the current AQI registered on local Air readings. Training can happen during times (generally cooler and later times) where AQI is less than 150 that are BEFORE or AFTER- days/times when the AQI will be over 150 but never DURING those hours. 

Our coaches will be monitoring field safety, weather conditions, etc. If a family finds any inconsistencies in the adherence of the policies please communicate directly with that coach. Coaches will utilize the technology at their disposal and may delegate those tasks to an assistant or team parent to ensure the safety of our children. 

Thanks for working together to keep our children playing and playing safely. 

Natomas Fútbol Academy